Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps — Part 1: Introduction

Great tutorial by spirit’s spinney! Read it always when u want to create something new, i discover many things everytime when i back to it!

spirit's spinney

This article gives some suggestions on level design and item placement for 1vs1 multiplayer maps. It is intended for level designers who want to improve their maps for 1vs1 games, i.e., make them more balanced for this game type, improve the flow, make players use the whole map, etc. This article uses Quake 2 as an example, but most of it applies to the duel modes of other FPS games as well. Note that this guide focuses on 1vs1. While many tips also apply to deathmatch item placement, team-based game modes like CTF are different in some aspects. And, of course: these are just my personal ideas, I’m not saying this is the truth. It’s some suggestions, nothing more. Feel free to discuss them below.

This is part 1 of the article. It explains some basics and tells you what you want to avoid and achieve with good map design…

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