Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps — Part 2: Examples

Great tutorial by spirit’s spinney! Read it always when u want to create something new, i discover many things everytime when i back to it!

spirit's spinney

This is part 2 of my article on 1vs1 map design for level designers. It discusses some example spots of powerful items in more or less known maps. You may want to read part 1 of this article before reading this.

Placing items in a good spot

In the last part, it turned out that placing the major items in good spots, and designing such spots of course, in essential for great 1vs1 gameplay. But what makes a good spot? Remember the idea that the player should risk something to get an item, and let’s look at some more or less famous examples now.

Some examples

Tight spot, placed on low level, dangerous dead-end: Reclamation railgun, Killing Machine body armor, Phrantic red armor

q2rdm7Railgun placement on ‚Reclamation’ (q2rdm7, by Kamarov).

This is a rather typical placement of the RG: in a tight spot where it is of rather limited…

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