Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps — Part 3: Conclusions

Great tutorial by spirit’s spinney! Read it always when u want to create something new, i discover many things everytime when i back to it!

spirit's spinney

This is the third and last part of my article on designing maps for good item placement. It gives the conclusions and summarizes what we learned from the examples given in part 2. You may want to read part 1 — Introduction and part 2 — Examples first.

So let’s summarize it. What makes a good spot for placing key items? Here are some suggestions. The player who gets an important item gains something, but to get it he has to risk something. A good spot for a major item could be a combination of:

  • interesting to fight at: allow for vertical fighting, have different height level than surroundings (or be in an area with many different height levels in general)
  • accessible from different routes: non-linear gameplay, flow, opportunity for 2nd player, …
  • risky:
    • hard to camp at: It should be dangerous to camp at. Many…

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